Ten Wine Brands Who Are Crushing Their Instagram Game

When it comes to Instagram, the wine industry is pretty far behind. In fact, there are many wine brands that (surprisingly) still don’t have an active Instagram. So why is it important? First and foremost, the ‘gram is all about ACCESS. You have SO MUCH access to people you never could have dreamed of ever reaching 10 years ago. There have been a lot of changes in the social world over the last decade and the access to your ideal wine-loving customers has gotten even bigger. And the best part is that it’s never too late to start.

With that said, there are plenty of wine brands who are leading the way when it comes to building an Instagram strategy that works. Continue reading for 10 of my favorites!

Sophie James Wine: @sophiejameswine

Photo by Sophie James Winery

I’ve never personally visited Sophie James winery, nor have I met Sophie or James (the husband and wife duo that own the winery). However, I follow them on Instagram and I feel like I know them, their brand, and exactly what they stand for. They’ve mastered the art of storytelling so well on Instagram that their passion and ambition pretty much exudes out of every photo & story they post.

Red Car Wine: @redcarwine

Photo by Red Car Wine

Red car wine does an excellent job at showcasing their amazing community and giving us “behind the scenes” looks into their winery & team. They recognize the importance of sharing the people, the community, and the fun memories that surround their wines.

Belden Barns: @beldenbarns

Photo by Belden Barns

This family-owned winery & farmstead leads off with “wish-worthy wines and farmstead goods, all grown with love, passion, and purpose on Sonoma Mountain”. And guess what? Their content embodies every word of that promise. They weave in stories about their family & friends, share photos of their beautiful property, and encourage others to “wish big” (which is a part of their mission).

Empathy Wines @EmpathyWines

Photo by Empathy Wines

This wine brand was co-founded by Gary Vaynerchuk who also happens to be a marketing guru. Their Instagram is beautifully designed and simple. They balance their posts nicely between witty quotes, people, and their wines. They’re a brand with personality which makes them a fun follow.

JaM Cellars: @Jamcellars

Photo by JaM Cellars

JaM cellars is a youthful, fun, and adventurous brand and they do an excellent job at depicting that through their ‘gram. You’re welcomed to their page with pops of yellow and lively pictures of people enjoying their wines. They do a great job at incorporating their wines into “real life” events.

Jordan Winery: @JordanWinery

Photo by Jordan Winery

Jordan knows exactly how to depict the joys of the “Sonoma lifestyle” which is well illustrated on their instagram and blog. They weave in elements of food, travel, & community throughout their page which provides their followers with inspiration.

Scribe: @ScribeWinery

Photo by Scribe Winery

There’s no question that Scribe has established a loyal fan base. They leverage their Instagram to generate buzz around the fun events and collaborations they do within their community. Scribe creates a “vibe” with their brand and they’ve mastered converting their followers into true fans.

Bottaia Winery: @BottaiaWinery

Photo by Bottaia Winery

Bottaia is located in Temecula and they do a great job at highlighting their unique experiences to draw in their guests. They definitely succeed at making you feel FOMO (fear of missing out) when you start looking at their fun pairings, tastings, and experiences.

Prisoner Wine Co: @PrisonerWineCo

Photo by Prisoner Wine Co.

As you land on Prisoner’s Instagram, you’ll notice their dark and moody style which creates an element of intrigue and mystery. Their style matches their mantra of “forging their way off the beaten path”. They’re a great example of a brand that is consistent with their style.

Cline Cellars: @ClineCellars

Photo by Cline Cellars

Cline cellars has a welcoming feed that encompasses witty captions, their famous “Cline Sign” (which is placed alongside the road for visitors to see) and inspiring food & wine recommendations. They’ve done a great job at making visitors feel welcome the moment you land on their page!

In closing, these wineries aren’t necessarily leading the way in Instagram because of high budgets or a “celebrity status” but rather because they each have their own unique brand, they’re focused on building strong communities, and they’re consistent with their mission.

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