Spotlight: Ashley from @WomenWhoLoveWine

How This Wine Drinker Uses Her Witty Sense Of Humor To Grow Her Tribe On Instagram

Have you ever wanted to chat with some of your favorite wine influencers and brands to see how they got started? With the online influencer space that’s constantly evolving and growing, I’ll be featuring wine enthusiasts, brands, and influencers who have successfully built online communities of wine lovers through my new series called The Savvy Wine Society Spotlight. I’m so excited to kick off the series with a TOTAL BOSS who needs no introduction: Ashley from @WomenWhoLoveWine.

If you’re not familiar with Women Who Love Wine on Instagram, it’s an account filled with hilarious wine and life-related memes (AKA “unsolicited life advice”) that will make you laugh out loud on a daily basis. I interviewed Ashley to get to know the hilarious person behind the memes along with some advice on how to grow an engaged community on Instagram. Check it out!:

To kick it off, who is “Ashley” (the hilarious person behind the memes) and how would you describe your love for drinking wine?

Hi babes! My name is Ashley Noguera. I’m a witty AF, twenty-something year old wine lover. I’m originally from South Florida, but chased a boy (now husband) to Virginia six years ago, and never left. I live within 15 minutes of 50+ wineries, and I am pretty much the same person I am on social media, except I don’t nearly drink as much as it may seem like I do… and I can’t stay up past 10pm (sorry not sorry).

In terms of wine, I’m really not picky. I love Argentinian Malbecs, and anything dry and bubbly. However, if I’m not drinking wine, I almost always order a spicy margarita.

Photo from @womenwholovewine Instagram
What inspired you to start the WomenWhoLoveWine account?

I started WWLW when I moved to Virginia and needed a creative outlet to express myself. I truly did not think it would turn into the community it has. I’m seriously so thankful to each and every babe who has shared, liked, commented, and engaged with me on social media!

What’re some accomplishments and/or brand partnerships that you’re proud of?

Honestly? The thing that I’m most proud of is the relationships I’ve made through Instagram. It seriously blows my mind the friends I’ve made with people who I have never physically met in real life.

You have a talent for writing hilarious content that typically goes viral. How do you incorporate your personality into your writing and content?

Well, thank you! Content creation is a lot like dating. If you are not true to yourself, the person will end of falling in love with a fake version of you, and the relationship will never last. The same thing goes for social media. I try to make my posts relatable and engaging, but at the same time I never focus on the number of likes or the amount of followers (which I know sounds a little silly), but if you remain true to your brand, the engagement will follow.

Content creation is a lot like dating. If you are not true to yourself, the person will end up falling in love with the fake version of you, and the relationship will never last

– Ashley, @WomenWhoLoveWine
Photo from @WomenWhoLoveWine Instagram
@WomenWhoLoveWine goes beyond the memes and has an online store as well. How did you get started with the WWLW shop? What is one piece of advice you’d give to influencers who would want to start an online shop?

Shop WomenWhoLoveWine is hands down the biggest accomplishment that has come out of WWLW. And it was all thanks to my long time follower (and now business partner), Stephanie who brought all my apparel and wine merch dreams to life!

We met on social media, and at the time she owned her own apparel company. We instantly connected, and spent hours on Facetime together (her in California and me in Virginia), sipping wine and laughing like we had known each other our whole lives. After that, we decided we would launch ONE SHIRT, and see how it went. We sold 200+ tees in the first hour, and the rest is honestly history.  

My biggest piece of advice is to BE PATIENT. People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. Stay true to your brand. Don’t do what all the other brands are doing. Be unique. Create good products. The sales will follow, I promise.  

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

I LOVE fun facts, so here’s a few:

  1. I majored in Sex in college
  2. A shaved my head in high school to raise money for children’s cancer research
  3. I could eat sushi everyday
What goals or plans are you most excited about for WWLW in the near future?

I would love love love to launch my own wine line – like that is #GOALS for me. I have some other fun stuff in the works, so make sure you’re following @womenwholovewine

Stay connected:

Instagram: @womenwholovewine and @shopwwlw


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