The Anatomy of A Perfect Blog Post

Anatomy of the Perfect Blog Post

Whether you’re a business or an influencer, blogs are a great way to share your knowledge, establish your credibility, and provide value to your audience without relying on social media. The key to building a blog that people actually read all comes down to the quality and value of your content.

In this post, I’m breaking it all down for you from beginning to end (including examples) to give you the exact anatomy of creating a blog post that people will actually read.

The Title

The title is arguably the most important part. It’s the reason why people will click on your blog in the first place. If it sounds boring, they’re not going to come to your site. Period. Here are some examples of enticing titles for your wine-focused blog posts:

  • 10 reasons to fall in love with
  • How to pick the perfect wine for…
  • How to plan a birthday party with
  • 5 Creative Ways to enjoy
  • Netflix and Wine: Your guide to your next night in

The Photos

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

With the rise of social media, pictures matter. You want to use a photo that is clear and compelling. Beautiful photos will attract more attention. In the wine industry, AVOID the typical blurry wine bottle photo. Try to display a beautiful tasting room setting, a group of people toasting champagne, or a creative flat lay.


When writing your intro paragraph, ask yourself the following question: Will this inspire my readers to keep reading? Make sure to keep it free of “wine jargon” and tell your readers exactly what they can expect to learn if they continue reading.


Most people “skim” through posts until they find something that catches their eye. Instead of reading through a blog post from top to bottom, they will likely be drawn to the headlines as they’re subconsciously checking to make sure that this post is worth their time. Make sure to use relevant headlines and keep them all in the same format. Hint: Check out the headlines of this post as an example.

External Links

Google ranks your posts based on a laundry list of factors, but using external links is one of them. Make sure to link to relevant, trustworthy websites that are considered as useful and relevant to your post. Tip: Make sure you set your links to “open in new tab” so your readers aren’t instantly exiting your website. Example of an external link: Check out this post from Wine Folly as a great example of a well-organized blog post.

SEO Optimization

SEO can sound big and scary, and it’s the last thing we all want to think about while writing a blog post. However, there are tools that can help. I highly recommend using them to ensure you’re writing SEO-friendly posts. My favorite is the Yoast SEO plug-in for WordPress.

Footer (Call To Action)

As your readers scroll to the bottom of your post, don’t leave them hanging. Give them a call to action that is relevant to your content. Where can they find more amazing wine tips? How can they reach you? Do you have an online store? Give them a quick and easy way to learn more about you and your brand.

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