A Few Lessons We Can Learn From The Success Of Babe Rosé

Some, if not all, wine experts likely roll their eyes when they see the success of Babe Rosé (Swish Beverages), but there’s no denying that the founder Josh Ostrovsky (AKA Fat Jewish) completely nailed it when it came to marketing his wine brand to his millennial audience. The brand achieved such great success that they sold for an “undisclosed amount” to popular brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev.

So what did this wine brand do to achieve such runaway success? Hint: It had nothing to do with the wine. Here are 5 things we can all learn from the success of Babe Rosé:

Laser-Focused Marketing

Babe Rosé knows their target market (a young, image-conscious millennial woman who enjoys social events) and they know her well. With a name like “Babe Rosé”, its obvious that they aren’t trying to appeal to everyone. They’re crystal clear about who they’re speaking to and they don’t care about who they’re “leaving out” as a part of their marketing strategy.

Celebrity Partnerships

Babe rosé is definitely playing in the big leagues when it comes to celebrity influencer collabs. They’ve partnered with Emily Ratajkowski, a model superstar with 23M+ followers on Instagram, and have named her “Chief of Taste”. Its probably not exactly a small investment, but I think its safe to say its an investment that has paid off.

Convenient Packaging

Canned wine has recently become popular, especially among millennials looking for a beer alternative during the summer. Swish Beverages capitalized on this emerging trend and sold the BABE label exclusively in cans.

Simple & Shareable

If you read through Babe rosé’s website, you’ll never see any “wine jargon” or “fluff” used in their copy. All they need are a few witty labels like “Family Time Is Hard” and “Pink Party” to capture the attention of their target consumers. And since they know their target millennial consumer so well, they know that they’re going to stumble across their humorous labels, snap a photo, and share it with all of their friends for a laugh. That’s how you master free marketing (AKA “word of mouth” in the digital age).

Going Where Their Customers Hang Out

The brand has coined themselves as the “official wine of day-drinking” and have clearly dedicated a lot of their budget to festivals (i.e. Coachella) because they know that it will reach their ideal millennial customer. They’re making it easy for their target customers to find them because they’re hanging out at same events.

And there you have it, a little Marketing 101 from Babe Rosé.

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