How To Plan Your Social Media Calendar Like a Boss (Freebie Included!)

Plan ahead and stress less with a content calendar.

Increase Your Following & Engagement With This Social Media Content Calendar

Have you started thinking strategically about your 2019 content calendar? In order to stay true to your brand and keep your audience engaged, it’s important to plan ahead and be intentional with your social media posts. Here are 7 important themes that I personally follow and believe are critical in order to grow your community, increase your engagement, and achieve your goals. Also, check out my “Social Media Calendar For Wine & Food Bloggers” for content calendar inspiration.

1. Get Personal

For your followers to feel connected to you, they want to get to know you. Don’t forget to share a personal story or fun fact that allows your followers to learn more about who you are.

2. Ask A Question

Have you ever sat through a presentation where the person talked the whole time and never talked to the audience? BORING! Make sure to increase your engagement by asking your followers questions on a regular basis!

3. Be An Expert

You’ve identified your niche and people want you to share your knowledge. Share some “pro tips” that your audience will find useful or interesting.

4. Get Social

It’s called social media for a reason. Make sure to stay active in your community by tagging them and showing your appreciation! You can run a poll on your stories and post a blog post with your follower’s answers, engage in #followfriday, etc. (more ideas in my free content calendar).

5. Get Creative

Run a contest or ask your followers to fill in the blanks. Do a “caption this” post or set up a giveaway that is relevant to your niche.

6. Inspire

Use your knowledge and creativity to inspire and motivate others. People will gravitate towards an account that inspires them whether its to try a new recipe, be more positive, or plan a trip.

7. Promote Yourself

Last but not least, promoting yourself is extremely important to growing your engagement and business. Your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter are perfect tools for promoting your hard work whether its a blog post, product, or achievement. It may feel uncomfortable, but don’t be afraid to throw out a #humblebrag every once in a while.

Here’s a sample from my January “Social Media Content Calendar For Wine & Food Bloggers”. Download the Free Calendar for More!
kristendDecember 23, 2018

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