How To Make Viral Content On Instagram

Feeling like your content isn’t being seen on Instagram? Here’s everything you need to know for creating content that goes viral.

Are you feeling defeated by the Instagram algorithm lately? Do you feel like no one is seeing your content? What if I told you that you can still get your content to go viral and seen by tens of thousands of people? Yes, even today with the ever-changing algorithm, it’s still possible to go viral.

If you want to know how to go viral on Instagram, then read on! I’ve compiled 6 types of viral posts and I’ll explain exactly why they work.

1. Create Relatable & Humorous Content

If you create something that makes people say “OMG SAME!”, then you’re on to something. People are more likely to react to something that makes them laugh or feel like they’ve been seen. These wine-related letterboards that I post are an example of content that is both relatable and humorous. They’re always my top performers in terms of reach, shares, and saves.

Humorous and relatable content via my Instagram account @therealkristenmarie

2. Memes

Memes are typically universal, funny, and share-worthy which is why they’re always a great way to gain some traction on your profile. When people see a meme that makes them laugh, they’ll typically send it to a friend or post in their stories which is the perfect formula for something going viral.

Example of a Meme on my Instagram account @winecountrychick

3. Write A Personal Story

When people feel deeply connected to something you said, they’re going to react and may even share it with their friends and family. If you share something personal that hits a chord with someone else, they will picture themselves in your shoes and may even share your story with their audience to inspire others.

Take Jenna Kutcher as an example. She’s an entrepreneur and photographer who multiplied her following on Instagram after she shared a personal story about her weight and relationship (which, as you probably guessed, went viral).

Image via

4. Giveaways

People LOVE free stuff. Put on a contest with a fantastic prize and ask your followers to “tag a friend” in order to submit an entry to win. Even better, tell them that for every person they tag, they get a new entry. The more people they tag, those people will tag their friends, and you get the gist.

My giveaway on @TheRealKristenMarie for a luxury trip to Napa

5. Lists & Guides

People are always looking for information that is valuable to them. Whether its a list of the best wines to buy from Trader Joes or a step by step guide on how to build a cheese board, people love to get free tips on the internet! Bonus: Create an image that is easily shareable for your audience to share with their friends.

Example: “The Ultimate Wedding Wine Guide” on @therealkristenmarie

6. Seasonal Content

There’s always something about seasonal content that catches the eyes of your viewers and expands your reach. People love a little holiday inspiration and typically those posts have great reach (as long as its seasonally appropriate).

Seasonal content on @therealkristenmarie

To sum it up: No matter how many followers you have, its possible to go viral on Instagram. Use this guide as a way to spark some ideas for creating content that is easily shareable, invokes an emotion, and makes people want to share with their own networks.

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