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My Name Is Kristen.

My obsession is helping others turn their hobbies into side hustles so they can earn money doing what they love.

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Kristen is a California-based wine lover, blogger, & educator. She is known for sharing her wine adventures, discoveries, and inspirations on a daily basis. She turned her wine hobby into a successful blog that started generating an income within 6 months. In addition to her wine adventures, she is passionate about teaching others how to turn their passions into profitable blogs.

My approach is to take the guesswork out of Instagram and blogging so you can build a meaningful influence. I have uncovered the key factors that sets apart those who find success in blogging from those who never get noticed (and it has NOTHING to do with being an Insta-model or celebrity). I have a proven formula that will help you uncover your true personal brand and build your own profitable side hustle.

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