6 Simple Tips For Actually “Being Yourself” On Instagram

What it means to actually “be authentic” and show your true, quirky self.
How to actually be “authentic” with our favorite app!

Isn’t it funny how something as simple as “being yourself” can be so hard to do on Instagram? The tricky part about Instagram is that people are only seeing tiny slivers of your life, which means that they may not be seeing the REAL you. You know, like the quirky, silly, fun side of you that your friends and family always see. One of the biggest mistakes influencers and small businesses make on social media is trying so hard to “be authentic” on Instagram that they appear as the opposite authentic.

So what are the tricks for “being yourself” on Instagram? Here are 5 simple tips:

1. Show Behind The Scenes Moments

Its not always easy to capture, but show people little videos of you “doing the work” instead of the complete product (i.e. the edited photo). Capture your “Instagram husband”, the wine glass you accidentally broke at a happy hour (oops), or a messy work space. Anything that shows a little piece of your “real” life will show that you’re a regular human.

Picture of my “winestagram” husband (who probably won’t appreciate this photo)

2. Re-gram Photos From Others

It may not always be the most flattering, but it gives people the “3rd party perspective” of what you’re like with your friends. Or, if you’re a small business, re-gram some of the fun videos and photos that your employees and customers capture at team events or during wine tastings.

3. Write The Way You Talk

Do me a favor and go read your captions. Would you actually talk like that? Would a friend know that it was you who wrote that? Make sure you’re writing in a way that is true to your personality, even if its not always the most polished.

4. Use Video

Think of little ways to incorporate video into your content marketing strategy (with you in it), whether its on Instagram stories, IGTV, or YouTube. Do a Q&A with your audience, show a quick tutorial of your favorite wines, or capture a tour of your favorite tasting rooms. People will naturally feel like they know you when they see you, or your employees, talking and hanging out in a casual setting. My favorite app for video editing longer videos is VideoLeap.

Click here for full IGTV video

5. Write About Things You Care About

We’re all guilty of the comparison game. Don’t get lost in chasing trends and writing about things you see working for someone else or another business. Make sure to capture your own unique strengths and passions in your content.

6. Share The Ugly Or Embarrassing Photos

I’ve mentioned in a previous post (creating a powerful connection with your audience) that it’s important that you’re focusing on “value over vanity”. In fact, people are likely going to relate to you better when you’re sitting on your couch in your PJs as opposed to dressed up in a ball gown at a gala. It’s fine to showcase the beautiful photos, but if you’re always looking perfect it’s going to be hard for your audience to get to know the “real” side of you.

Instagram tips for being authentic. Tip #6: Share the ugly or embarrassing pictures.
Example of an “outtake” (AKA ugly photo) that I posted

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6 Tips For Actually Being Authentic And Showing Your True Self On Instagram
6 Simple Tips For Being Authentic & Showing Your True Self On Instagram

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