5 Tips For Finding The Best Hashtags For Your Wine & Food Instagram (FREE download included)

Every blogger or business should be using hashtags to get discovered on Instagram. Hashtags consistently bring in about 20-30% of my impressions for my Instagram feed and story posts. It’s a free way to advertise your brand, increase your exposure, and build a large community. Here are some tips for wine and food bloggers looking to use the best Hashtag strategy for their business:

1. Switch it up every day

It’s important to change a good portion of your Instagram hashtags every day. If you’re using the same ones every day, Instagram may see it as “spam” which can work against you.

2. Have an optimal mix of broad and specific hashtags for your niche

It’s important to use a mix of hashtags where you’ll be both “a big fish in a small pond” and a “small fish in a big pond”. Here are two examples for wine and food bloggers:

  • Wine
    • “Instawine”: 2.6M posts
    • “SonomaWine”: 28K postsWine
  • Food
    • “TheFeedFeed”: 1.9M posts
    • “SFfoodie”: 278K posts

While you want to be a part of the “popular” hashtags with 1M+ posts, its important to include hashtags that are more specific. The specific hashtags like “SFfoodie” and “SonomaWine” in the example above aren’t used nearly as often as “InstaWine” and “TheFeedFeed”, but being specific gives you a better chance at standing out from the crowd and attracting followers that align more closely to your specific niche.

3. Find your ideal community hashtags

Turn to the other top influencers in your niche for some inspiration. They’re likely using hashtags that will connect you with other like-minded businesses and followers, so don’t be afraid to add them to your list. For extra inspiration, Instagram will give you some suggestions based on your community – see below to find them.

4. Save multiple “groups” of your best Hashtags

If you haven’t downloaded my “6 Essential Tools For Growing Your Instagram Guide“, you should download it ASAP for my must-have tools for perfecting your Instagram strategy. One of the tools I cannot live without is Planoly, which allows you to save multiple “groups” of hashtags for quick copy and paste when it comes time to post on Instagram.

5. Think about the following themes while selecting your hashtags

Below are the main themes, along with examples in the wine and food niche, to consider while building your perfect hashtag list.

  • Your key audience: #momswhocook #sommlife #womenwhodrinkwine
  • Location: #bayareaeats #napavalley
  • Industry: #wine #food #wineanddine
  • Niche: #bordeauxwine #healthyfood #rosélifestyle
  • Special Events: #partywine #popthechampagne #thanksgivingfeast
  • Notable Brands: #foodgawker #foodandwine #winefolly
  • Trending Niche Tags: #winestagram #satisfeed #wino

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