30 Days Of Prompts To Take Your Instagram Content Strategy From Stale To Captivating

Ever feel like you’re in a “creative rut” when it comes to planning your Instagram content? Has your Instagram engagement felt like it’s falling short lately? There’s no question that a well-planned content strategy is key to better engagement on Instagram. And luckily for you, I’ve created a 30-day Instagram Content Calendar challenge to help you achieve your Instagram goals.

Whether you’re just starting out on Instagram or feeling like your content is a little stale, don’t get discouraged. I’ve created this 30-day Content Calendar to help you increase your engagement and following. This guide is designed to get you out of that “engagement slump” and help guide you to speak more creatively about your mission, your unique voice, and your passions (and have fun while doing it!). If you’re speaking from the heart, your tribe will begin to hear you loud & clear.

I challenge you to use this free content calendar help you reach your first (or next) 1,000 followers. Think you can’t do it!? Think again! Here are some tips and reminders to help get you started:

Build A Memorable Presence On Instagram:

  • Identify a niche and stick with it.
  • Build a profile and bio that clearly explains who you are. The KEY is to make it simple and clear. If you confuse, you lose! (take my FREE 5 day bootcamp for a lesson on how to create the perfect bio)
  • Know your “style” (check out my post on do’s & don’ts for building a solid Instagram feed). Because unfortunately, bad photos will steer people away.
  • Find your niche “hashtags” and follow them
  • Find other influencers & people in your niche and follow them

Tips For Success:

  • Don’t wait for perfection – you’ll get a hang of it over time so don’t wait for everything to be “perfect”
  • Words matter – speak from the heart!
  • Connect, connect, connect. At this stage in the game, it’s all about building authentic connections with people. Like and comment on their photos, respond to their surveys on Instagram, and show them you’re interested in what they have to say!
  • Show your face. There are plenty of statistics out there, but on average, photos with faces of people perform 67% better than those without. Showing up in your feed is going to boost your engagement significantly.
  • Don’t give up. You may feel like “the algorithm is out to get you” at times, but trust me that is not the case.
  • Be Consistent. This means posting regularly, tying back to your niche & mission, and clearly articulating your “brand” message as an influencer

Cool? Ok let’s get started with your daily prompts! Click here to sign up for your free download.

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