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I help wine brands & bloggers grow an online brand so they can turn their wine passion into profits.
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Hello! I’m Kristen. You may know me as the Wine Country Chick, or maybe you just stumbled across my page and you’ve never heard of me. So here’s my story: I’m a wine-obsessed content creator living in California. My life began in Minnesota (where I was born) but my “best wine life” began in 2014 when I moved to California. I started my blog, “Wine Country Chick” (link here), to document my wine adventures which has evolved into my passion for helping people within the wine industry grow their brands and businesses online. You can find me on Instagram at @therealkristenmarie (here)


I’m guessing you’re here because you like wine (like, a lot) and at some point in your life you’ve decided to turn your passion for wine into a side hustle or career. I specialize in branding, influencer marketing, and social strategy for all people looking to turn their love for wine into a money-making side hustle or career. If any of this is remotely true for you, check out the Savvy Wine Society (@savvywinesociety) on Instagram and Facebook, which is a community of like-minded and wine-obsessed people like you.

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